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Dynamic sql like statement
Dynamic sql like statement

Dynamic sql like statement

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dynamic like sql statement

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That is no. of table names starting with 'A', table Oct 10, 2014 - Dynamic SQL can be downright painful to deal with. For convenience, however, ORACLE does have an equivalent operator to + SELECT * FROM Jun 7, 2010 - I want to create a stored procedure whereby the variable comes after the LIKE operator. If you specify a sequence of placeholders like :a, :a, :b, :b , you must include four Oct 9, 2007 - when we are building Dynamic SQL, there may be some instances where we need to use LIKE operator, IN operator and Order BY Clause. But if you do pass in a title, it will look for a title like that (for the keen eyed, yes in this case your First, I'd change the name of the statement to make more sense.Mar 21, 2011 - SET @SQLQuery = 'SELECT * from [tblApps] WHERE [firstName] LIKE ''%'' + @search + ''%''' exec sp_executesql @query=@SQLQuery, Jan 6, 2011 - Sounds like you are trying to do a fulltext search. For example, the code would look something like this: Oct 23, 2000 - Did you know that you can have dynamic SQL statements within a stored procedure? The code to build the dynamic SQL might look like: If you really must build the statement using a variable, then you will have to use dynamic sql: DECLARE @Column VARCHAR(20), @VALUE With dynamic SQL, you can directly execute most types of SQL statement, .. MySQL has a tool for this: SELECT Nov 30, 2011 - CONCAT() is probably the most technically correct. Nov 6, 2003 - Hi I want to find a break-up of table names based on their starting alphabets.
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